Magazines & Papergoods 1980-2006

Joepie misc1981BEL
Joepie misc1980BEL
Girls No.91, September 231981F
Podium Hit, January1981F
Bravo Nr.26, June 181981G
Bravo Nr.32, July 301981G
Bravo Nr.39, September 221988G
Bravo Nr.41, October 31981G
Bravo Nr.43, October 151981G
Bravo Nr.44, October 281982G
Bravo Nr.52, December 181981G
Good Times Nr.06, December2005G
Musik Express, August 81981G
Popcorn Nr.11, November1981G
Pop Rocky Nr.16, September 241981G
Pop Rocky Nr.15, July 221981G
Product Fact: Barking At Airplanes (EMI)1985G
Product Fact: Bette Davis Eyes (EMI)1981G
Product Fact: Crazy In The Night (EMI)1985G
Product Fact: Cry Like A Baby (EMI)1980G
Product Fact: Draw Of The Cards (EMI, 2x)1981G
Product Fact: I’ll Be Here Where The Heart Is (EMI)1983G
Product Fact: Invisible Hands (EMI)1983G
Product Fact: Invitation To Dance (EMI)1985G
Product Fact: It’s Not The Spotlight (A&M)1976G
Product Fact: Make No Mistake, He’s Mine (CBS)1984G
Product Fact: Sailin’ (A&M)1976G
Product Fact: What About Me (RCA)1984G
Product Fact: You Make My Heartbeat Faster (EMI)1984G
Big Story1981IT
Boy Music Corner No.51, December 231983IT
Ciao 2001 No.44, November 11981IT
Dolly Nr.221, January 91983IT
Dolly Nr.414, September 221986IT
Il Monello Nr.50, December 121981IT
Muziek Expres No.07, July1981NL
Country Music People, June2006UK
Record Mirror, June 131981UK
Record Mirror, September 111982UK
Smash Hits, February 121985UK
Smash Hits, May 281981UK
Smash Hits, June 251981UK
Smash Hits, August 201981UK
Smash Hits, September 161982UK
Smash Hits, misc1982UK
Sounds, October 231982UK
Circus, August 311981US
Hit Parader1979US
Hit Parader1981US
People Magazine, July 211980US
People Magazine, June 231986US
Rolling Stone, July 91981US