ONJCWRC Wellness Walk La Palma (September 16, 2018)

On September 16, 2018 We Did Our First Annual Wellness Walk For The ONJCWRC On La Palma Island

Our Hike Went 10 Kilometers Around Puntagorda, Starting At The „Pino De La Virgen“ In The Center Of The Town In The North Of The Island. Within About 4 Hours We Did 16.180 Steps. Dedicating Our Common 100th Birthday To The ONJCWRC And All Our Walks On Our Holiday From Sept. 14 – Oct. 11 We Made 250 Kilometers All In All And Did 321.600 Steps. We’ve Raised 1.330 AUS $ And Are Very Grateful To All Of Our Supporters, No Matter If Financially Or Spiritually! Thank You To All You Great Souls And Special Thanks To Team Grace And The Lady Herself: Olivia Newton-John <3