12″ LPs

Andy Gibb – After DarkRSORSD 5006UK1980
Back To Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992Mercury512641-1UK1992
Banks Of The OhioInterfusionL-34320NZ1975
Barry Gibb – Now VoyagerPolydor823429-1NL1984
Clearly Love – Claro AmorEMI6354ARG1975
Clearly Love (no gatefold)*EMIEMS-81564J1983
Clearly LoveEMI1C 062-97037G1975
Clearly LoveMCA2148US1975
Cliff „live“ With Olivia Newton-John (+ OBI Strip)EMIEMS-80538J1972
Cliff Richard LiveEMI MFP50370UK1982
Cliff Richard – Cliff Goes East ColumbiaS-LEAC-1041/2SIN1972
Come On OverEMIEMC 3124UK1976
Come On Over*EMIEMS-81566J1983
Come On OverEMI1C 062-97539G1976
Come On OverMCA2186US1976
Crystal Lady (+ OBI Strip)EMIEMS 65001-2J1976
David FosterAtlantic81 642-1US1986
Don’t Stop Believin‘EMIEMC 3162UK1976
Don’t Stop Believin’EMI1C 064-98 355G1976
Don’t Stop Believin’*EMIEMS-81565J1983
Don’t Stop Believin‘EMI [promo]11524COL1977
Early Days*EMIEMS-81570J1983
Early OliviaEMIEMS 1322UK1989
First ImpressionsEMIEMC 3055UK1974
First ImpressionsEMI1C 062-95957G1974
First ImpressionsEMI MFPMFP 41 5740 1UK1985
Grease – OSTPolydor2658125G1978
Grease – OSTRSORS-2-4002US1978
Grease – OST (Limited Edition Pink Vinyl)Polydor6772972EU2019
Hank Marvin & John FarrarEMIEMA 755UK1973
Have You Never Been MellowEMI Fame1A 038-1575111NL1983
Have You Never Been MellowEMI1C 062-05802G1975
Have You Never Been Mellow*EMIEMS-81563J1983
Have You Never Been MellowOrlador2148POR1977
High LifePolystar 2475 531G1978
If Not For YouPolydor2310136G1971
If Not For YouUNI Records73117US1971
If You Love Me, Let Me KnowMCA411US1974
I Love YouK-telTG 1337G1981
I Love You, I Honestly Love YouEMI MFPSRSJ 8060SA1978
James ReyneCapitolST.746941AUS1987
John Denver- The Best OfRCAPL 42129G1977
John Denver – Windsong (gatefold)RCAAPL 1-1183G1975
Let Me Be ThereMCA37188US1980
Let Me Be ThereMCA3012US1973
Let Me Be ThereEMIEMS-80077J1974
Let Me Be There*EMIEMS-81562J1983
Long Live LoveEMI1C 062-95394G1974
Long Live LoveEMI5C 062-95394NL1974
Long Live Love*EMIEMS-81561J1983
Long Live LoveEMIEMCJ (L) 5013SA1974
Love Performance (+ OBI Strip)EMIEMS-91010J1976/1981
Love SongsEMI1A 058-2605361NL1985
Love SongsEMI MFPMFP-5839UK1988
Making A Good Thing BetterEMIEMC 3192UK1977
Making A Good Thing BetterEMI1C 064-99261G1977
Making A Good Thing Better (no gatefold)*EMIEMS-81567J1983
Making A Good Thing Better (gatefold) (+ OBI-Strip)EMIEMS-80800J1977
Making A Good Thing Better – Haciendo Algo MejorEMI6894ARG1977
Music Makes My DayPYENSPL 28185UK1973
Olivia Newton-John BOX (Limited Edition)*EMIEMS-81561-70J1983
Olivia Newton-JohnPYENSPL 28155UK1971
Olivia Newton-JohnFestival InterfusionL 45377/78AUS1973
Olivia Newton-JohnPolydor2310219G1972
Olivia Newton-JohnSupraphon1 13 2269CZ1978
OliviaPYENSPL 28168UK1972
Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest HitsMCA3028US1977
Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest HitsEMI7C-062-60058SWE1977
Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest HitsEMI1C 064 60069G1977
Olivia Newton-John /Grandes ExitosEMI6176ARG1977
Olivia’s Greatest Hits Vol.2MCA5347US1982
Olivia’s Greatest HitsEMIEMTV36 OC 062 64 956UK1982
Olivia Newton-John – 20 Grandes ExitosEMI8095ARG1982
Olivia Newton-John – 20 Grootste HitsEMI1ATV 082- 64956NL1982
Olivia Newton-John – Greatest HitsEMI1C 088-64956G1982
Physical [+ Product Fact]EMI1C 064-64560G1981
PhysicalPolarPOLS 348SWE1981
Physical (no gatefold)*EMIEMS-81569J1983
Physical – FisicoEMI8005ARG1981
Soul Kiss MCA6151CAN1985
Soul Kiss [+ Product Fact]Mercury826169-1QG1985
Soul Kiss Mercury826169-1NL1985
The Other Side Of The Mountain – OSTMCA2086US1975
The Other Side Of The Mountain – A Window To The Sky  – OSTEmi/MCA062 96609UK1975
The Music For UNICEF – A Gift Of Song (+ Sticker)Polydor2335214US1979
The Rumour [+ Product Fact]Mercury834951-1NL1988
The Shadows – From Hank, Brian, Bruce & JohnEMI Columbia1C 062-04267G1967
Toomorrow – OSTRCA VictorLSA 3008UK1970
Toomorrow – OST (Limited Edition Purple Vinyl + Sticker)Real Gone MusicRGM-1253US2021
Totally Hot – Totalmente CalidoEMI8583ARG1978
Totally Hot, Picture LP (+ Sticker)EMI EMAP 7890C 064-61813UK1978
Totally HotInterfusionL36771AUS1978
Totally HotPolarPOLS 296SWE1978
Totally HotEMIBOLP-415BOL1978
Totally Hot*EMIEMS-81568J1983
Totally HotEMI1C 064 61813G1978
Totally HotMCA3067US1978
Totally Hot (gatefold)Sonopresse2S 068-61813F1978
Two Of A Kind – OST [+ Product Fact]EMI1A 064-165461-1NL1983
Two Of A Kind – OST MCAMCA-6127US1983
Warm And Tender  [+ Product Fact]Mercury842145-1NL1989
Xanadu – OSTJetLX 526NL1980