A Private Heaven (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY23835-2-8US7 bonus tracks2000
A Private Heaven (Deluxe Edition)CherryPop5013929444386UK21 bonus tracks2022
A Private Heaven + Do You (+ slipcase)Edsel RecordsEDSK 7028UK11 bonus tracks2013
Best Kept Secret (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY24032-2-6US5 bonus tracks2000
Do You (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY23538-2-8US4 bonus tracks2000
Fabulous (+ OBI-Strip)UniversalUICO-2010J2 bonus tracks2001
For Your Eyes OnlyVIVACD-7540EULive In San Diego1994
Freedom (+ OBI-Strip)MCAMVCL-24001J2007
Freedom (+ slipcase)SkyJay Trax/ FuelPCM-2816US1997
Home (+ OBI-Strip)UniversalMVCL-24012J1999
Madness, Money & Music (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY23537-2-9US3 bonus tracks2000
Modern Girl [live in San Diego]That’s LifeTL 930019G18 live tracks1992
My CherieMCAMCAD-11203US1995
My Cherie (digipack)MCA [promo]MVCM-518J11 tracks1995
My Cherie [In Store Special]MCA [promo]ICD-89J16 tracks1995
No Sound But  A HeartEMI AmericaCP32-5164  J1987
No Sound But  A Heart (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY499867-2-5US4 bonus tracks1999
No StringsMCAMCD 10849G1993
Original Album SeriesWarner Music/Parlophone2564622171UK5 CDs2014
Sheena Easton (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY99866-2-6US5 bonus tracks1999
Take My Time (re-issue)CherryPopCR POP 32UK4 bonus tracks2009
The Lover In Me (re-issue)CherryPopCR POP 2UK4 bonus tracks2006
Todo Me Recuerda A TiEMI891089-2EU/NL2008
What Comes NaturallyMCAMCD 10298G1991
You Could Have Been With Me (re-issue)EMI ONEWAY23536-2-0US3 bonus tracks2000
You Could Have Been With Me + Madness, Money And Music (+ slipcase)Edsel RecordsEDSK 7027UK8 bonus tracks2013