12″ Singles

Barry Gibb – Fine Line (no p/s)MCA [promo]L33-1224US1984Extended Dance Version / LP Version / Single Version
Deeper Than The Night (Long Version 4:56)EMI12 EMI 2954UK1979c/w Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting
Deeper Than The Night (Long Version 4:56)EMI5C-K052Z-62814NL1979c/w Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting
Don’t Cut Me Down / No Matter What You Do (Smash Radio Edit)M.R.P. [promo]MR10031F1996
Grease – The Dream MixPolydor879 795-1EU1991b/w We Go Together / 7″ Original Groove
I Honestly Love YouEMI12EMI 5360UK1982c/w Physical (live)
I Need LoveMercuryMERX 370UK1992Club Mix / Club Mix Edit / Original Mix/ Deep Need For Love Mix / Underground Mix / Club Dub
I Need LoveGeffenGEF12-21709US1992Club Mix/ Club Dub/ LP Version/ A Deep Need For Love Mix/ The Undergound Mix/ Warm And Tender
James Reyne – Hammerhead (LP Version)Capitol060-202788-6G1988b/w Burning Wood / Submariners
LandslideEMI1A-062Z-64701NL1982Falling / Physical (Extended Version)
Livin‘ In Desperate TimesMCA13987US1984Extended Version / Twist Of Fate (Extended Version)
Livin‘ In Desperate TimesPolarPOLM 10SWE1984Extended Version / Twist Of Fate (Extended Version)
MagicJetJet 12196NL1980b/w Whenever You’re Away From Me
Make A Move On MeEMI1C-K052-64679G1982b/w Falling
PhysicalEMI1C-K052-64570G1981b/w The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
Physical – La Gimnasta (Long Version)EMI33C-052-64570Z, 8632-ZMEX1981b/w The Promise – La Promesa (El Cancion Del Delfin)
Physical (Version Longue)EMI2C-052-52904 ZF1982b/w The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
Physical ’99 (The Monday Night Club Mixes)MCA [promo]WMCSX 48112UK1999Mustard Deep Dub / Mustard Full Vocal Dub
Physical ’99 (Shooting Stars And Monday Night Club Mixes)MCA [promo]WMCST 48112UK1999Neutron Bomb Mix / Mustard Full Vocal Dub
Please Don’t Keep Me WaitingEMI 1C 052-62814 YZG1979b/w Deeper Than The Night
Soul KissMCA [promo]23593US1985Extended Dance Mix / Dub Mix / Instrumental Mix
Soul KissMercury884090-1NL1985Extended Remix Version / Dub Mix / Electric
Soul KissMercury884090-1QG1985Extended Remix Version / Dub Mix / Electric
Soul Kiss (Limited Edition)InterfusionX14254AUS1985Extended Dance Mix / Instrumental / Electric
Spirit Of The ForestVirgin Records [promo]796551-0US1989AA Version / Theme From The Spirit Of The Forest (12″ Mix)
Suddenly (feat. Cliff Richard)JetJet 127002NL1980b/w You Made Me Love You
The Best Of Me [feat. David Foster]Atlantic [promo]10.187 MIXBRA1986b/w Sajé
The Grease MegamixPolydor879 411-1EU1990b/w Alone At A Drive-In Movie/ Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
The RumourMercury870506-1G198812″ Extended Mix/ 7″ Mix/ 12″ Dub/ Instrumental
The RumourMercuryMERX 272NL198812″ Extended Mix/ 7″ Mix/ 12″ Dub/ Instrumental
Toughen UpMCA [promo]23606CAN1986Dance Remix / Instrumental Remix
Toughen UpMercury884461-1NL1986Dance Remix / Instrumental Remix
Toughen Up (Limited Edition)Interfusion [promo]X14266AUS1986Dance Remix / Driving Music/ Instrumental Remix
Twist Of Fate (no p/s)MCA [promo]LC33-1150US1983Extended Version / Single Version
Twist Of Fate (Version Longue)EMI1545286 PM130F1983b/w Jolene (Live)
Twist Of Fate [Extended Version]  (Limited Edition)InterfusionX 13141AUS1983b/w Make A Move On Me
Twist Of Fate (Girando) (Version Remezclada)EMIPOP-626MEX1983b/w Jolene (Recorded Live In Concert)
Twist Of Fate (+ OBI Strip)EMIEMS-27013J1983Extended Version / Single Version / Silvery Rain
Xanadu [feat. ELO]Jet12.185NL1980b/w Fool Country
Xanadu [feat. ELO] (10″)Jet10.185UK1980b/w Fool Country