Magazines & Papergoods 1981-2017

Joepie misc, February1983BEL
Joepie Nr.417, March 141982BEL
Joepie No.421, April 11 (+ Poster)1982BEL
Joepie Nr.476, May 11983BEL
Joepie misc, May1987BEL
Joepie Nr.285, August 21981BEL
Platine No.21, May1995F
Bild+Funk Nr.03, January 231987G
Bild+Funk Nr.46, November 161991G
Bravo Nr.03, January 14 (+Poster)1982G
Bravo Nr.08, February 161989G
Bravo Nr.28, July 21981G
Bravo Nr.37, September 31981G
Bravo Nr.43, October 151981G
Bravo Nr.47, November 121981G
Bravo (For Your Eyes Only, Lyrics)1981G
Bravo (Miami Vice)1987G
Fachblatt Musikmagazin Nr.02, February1986G
Funk Uhr Nr.48, November 221991G
Karstadt Music News Nr.051991G
MAX Nr.07, July1991G
Mädchen Nr.02, January 51982G
Musik Express Sounds Nr.01, January1986G
Neues Film Programm „Sign O’The Times“1987G
Neue Revue Nr.19, May 31991G
Popcorn Nr.01, January1982G
Popcorn Nr.11, November1981G
Popcorn Nr.12, December1981G
Product Fact: 101 (MCA)1989UK
Product Fact: What Comes Naturally (MCA)1991UK
Product Fact: Do It For Love (EMI)1985G
Product Fact: Just Another Broken Heart (EMI)1981G
Product Fact: Madness Money & Music (EMI)1982G
Product Fact: The Nearness Of You (MCA)1993G
Product Fact: Voices That Care (Atlantic)1991G
Videoplay Nr.09, September1991G
WOM Journal Nr.081991G
Boy Music Corrier No.52, December 231983IT
Ciao 2001 No.04, January 311986IT
Ciao 2001 No.44, November 11981IT
Dolly Nr.181, April 41982IT
Dolly Nr.325, July 11985IT
Il Monello No.05, February 21984IT
MAX Nr.07, July1991IT
Hitkrant misc1988NL
Hitkrant, February 41989NL
Hitkrant No.12, March 251989NL
Hitkrant Week #48, November 26 (+Poster)1981NL
Muziek Expres, March1989NL
Popfoto Nr.05, May1989NL
Mail on Sunday – Event, January 222017UK
Melody Maker, February 41989UK
Melody Maker, February 71981UK
New Musical Express, May 231981UK
New Musical Express, December 141985UK
Q No.03, March1989UK
Q No.08, August1987UK
Q No.09, September1991UK
Radio Times, November 172000UK
Record Buyer, August2000US
Record Mirror, February 111989UK
Record Mirror, August 71982UK
Record Mirror, September 121982UK
Record Mirror, December 41982UK
Record Mirror, December 261981UK
Smash Hits, January1983UK
Smash Hits, February 81989UK
Smash Hits, February 281985UK
Smash Hits, October 11981UK
Smash Hits, October 131983UK
Smash Hits, December 41985UK
Sunday, October 91983UK
Sunday, November 81981UK
Titbits, December 191981UK
Tracks No.02, December1985UK
TV Times, December 111982UK
VOX, July1991UK
Woman, August 281982UK
Columbia House Music Magazine1991US
Columbia House Music Magazine1989US
Music Connection, February 61989US
Nightlife (New York), January1989US