* = part of one CD Box

40th Anniversary Collection (No. 01260, Limited Edition) (+ OBI-Strips)*Universal MusicUICY-91709J2010
A Celebration In Song (+ Sticker)EMI5-09992-27274-2-8G2008
A Celebration In SongWarner Music5144283072AUS2008
A Celebration In Song (+ Sticker)GreenHillMusicGHD-5768US2011
A Few Best Men – OSTUniversal Music2793795AUS2012
Back To Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992GeffenGEFBD-24470US1992
Back To Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992 (+ Sticker)Mercury512641-2G1992
Back To Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992 (+ OBI-Strip)MercuryPHCA-122J1992
Back To Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992FestivalTVD93361AUS1992
Back To Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992MercuryDP 0684KOR1992
Back With A Heart (+ OBI-Strip)MCAMVCZ-10009J1998
Back With A HeartMCAUMD 80487EU1998
Back With A HeartMCA [advance promo]MCAD-70030AUS1998
Christmas Wish, signed by OliviaONJ / Compass Productions39792CAN2007
Christmas Wish (+ Sticker)ONJ / Compass Productions43736CAN2008
Clearly Love [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21037AUS1998
Clearly LoveMCAMCAD-31111US1990
Clearly Love*  (+ OBI Strip & Poster)Universal MusicUICY-94711J2010
Come On Over [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21038AUS1998
Come On Over*  (+ OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94712J2010
Come On OverMCAMCAD-31082US2005
Don’t Stop Believin’Simon & SchusterISBN-978-1508286028US2019
Don’t Stop Believin‘  [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21039AUS1998
Don’t Stop Believin‘MCAMCAD-1610US1990
Don’t Stop Believin‘ *  (+ OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94713J2010
First Impressions – Great Hits!  [digitally remastered]FestivalD 35375AUS1998
Friends For Christmas (w/ John Farnham)Sony Music Australia88985387172AUS2016
Friends For Christmas (w/ John Farnham) (Deluxe Edition)Sony Music Australia88985498012AUS2017
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey (+ US Sticker)FestivalTVD 93406AUS1994
Gaia, One Woman´s JourneyGreenHillMusicGHD5770US2012
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey (+ Product Facts)Bellaphon290-07-218G1995
Gaia, One Woman´s JourneyEastWestCA 851-50556F1995
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey (+ OBI-Strip)PolystarPSCW 5357J1996
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey  (slimcase)Polystar [promo]HI-5184J1996
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey (Gaia Retreat Edition)ONJ Productions Inc./madcds440017759-2AUS2012
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey Red BulletRB.66.104NL1995
Gaia, One Woman´s Journey CMC Elap24156-2DN1995
Gaia, One Woman´s JourneyPrimary Wave792755901724US2022
Get PhysicalS.I.A.E.ON 1006IT1994
Grace & Gratitude [digipack]ONJ Productions Inc.88941-4US2006
Grace & Gratitude [jewel case]Universal Music06024984909 (3)MAL2007
Grace & Gratitude [jewel case]Fonix MusikFMF CD 1317SWE2006
Grace & Gratitude (Pink Edition)ONJ Productions Inc.EQ 2010-05AU2010
Grace & Gratitude (cardsleeve), signed by OliviaONJ Productions Inc.#-12478-OLIVIAUS2009
Grace & Gratitude RenewedGreenHillMusicGHD-5759US2010
Grace & Gratitude RenewedEMITOCP-66977J2010
Grease OST – 25th Ann.Deluxe Edition (digipack + Sticker)Polydor80001011-02US2003
Grease – OSTPolydor004041-2NL1998
Grease – OSTPolydor817 998-2F1991
Have You Never Been Mellow [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21046AUS1998
Have You Never Been MellowMCAMCAD-1676US2005
Have You Never Been MellowEMITOCP-3072J1995
Have You Never Been Mellow*  (+ OBI Strip)EMI TOCP-95058J2010
Highlights From The Main EventBMG RCA74321638832AUS1998
Highlights From The Main Event  (with Bonus Tracks)BMG RCA864872AUS2001
Highlights From Two Strong Hearts LiveSony Music Australia88875103742AUS2015
If Not For YouFestivalD 19809AUS1993
If Not For You [digitally remastered]FestivalD 34320AUS1998
If You Love Me, Let Me KnowMCAMCAD-31018CAN1987
Indigo – Women Of SongUniversal Music9870906UK2005
Indigo – Women Of Song [jewel case]FestivalD 338342AUS2004
Indigo – Women Of Song [digipack]FestivalD 338345AUS2004
It´s My Party – OSTVarese SarabandeVSD-5701US1996
Just The Two Of Us – The Duets CollectionPrimary WaveXUS2021
Let Me Be There [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21035AUS1998
Let Me Be ThereMCAMCAD-31017US/J1987
Liv On {Amy Sky | Olivia Newton-John | Beth Nielsen Chapman} [digipack, signed]OBA ProductionsLIVON01UK2016
Liv On {Amy Sky | Olivia Newton-John | Beth Nielsen Chapman} [jewel case]Sony Music Australia88985378292AUS2016
Long Live Love [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21036AUS1998
Long Live Love*  (+ OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94710J2010
Making A Good Thing Better [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21040AUS1998
Making A Good Thing BetterMCAMCAD-1682US1990
Making A Good Thing Better* (+ OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-97414J2010
OliviaEMI PastmastersCP21-6073J1990
Olivia (2)Universal MusicUICY-1256J2004
Olivia (2)FestivalD336022AUS2002
Olivia [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21034AUS1998
Olivia Newton-JohnEMI PastmastersCP 21-6074J1990
Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest HitsMCAMCAD-5226 DIDX-49US/J1984
Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest HitsEMICP35-3115J1984
Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21049AUS1998
Olivia’s Greatest HitsEMICDP7460192J/UK1983
Olivia’s Greatest Hits Vol.2MCAMCAD-5347US1985
Olivia’s Greatest Hits Vol.2MCAMCAD-5347 DIDX-50US/J1985
Olivia’s Greatest Hits Vol.3 [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21050AUS1998
Olivia’s Live HitsEMI11688-27EU2008
One Woman´s Live Journey (+ US Sticker)FestivalD 32259AUS2000
Physical [digitally remastered]FestivalD 21042AUS1998
Physical* (+ Posters & OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94716J2010
Physical (Deluxe Edition)Primary Wave/CarolineONJ 9021 2755902127US2021
Portraits: A Tribute To Great Women Of SongGreenHillMusicGHD5795US2011
Score: A Hockey Musical – OSTUniversal MusicORLG0054CDCA2010
Sordid Lives – OSTVarese Sarabande302 066 257-2US2001
Soul KissMercury826169-2G1985
Soul KissMCAMCAD-6151US/J1985
Soul Kiss [digitally remastered]FestivalD21043AUS1998
Soul Kiss* (+ Stickers & OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94717J2010
Stronger Than BeforeWarner Music5101128912AUS2006
Stronger Than BeforeHallmark995PR3659US2005
Summer Nights Live In Las Vegas [digipack]ONJ Productions0-4020197757-2US2015
Summer Nights Live In Las Vegas (+ OBI-Strip)UniversalUICY-15380J2015
The Christmas Collection (+ Sticker)Hip-O585413-2US2001
The Christmas CollectionGreenHillMusicGHD-5760US2010
The EssentialEMI0946 3 80105 2 4AUS2006
The RumourFestivalD 21044AUS1998
The RumourMercury834957-2G1988
The RumourMCAMCAD-6245US1988
The Rumour* (+ Stickers & OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94718J2010
This Christmas (w/ John Travolta)Universal MusicB0017624-02US2012
‚Tis The Season (w/ Vince Gill)Hallmark895XPR2019US2000
Toomorrow – OST (+ Sticker)Real Gone Music UsaRGM-0218US2014
Totally Hot  [digitally remastered]FestivalD 36771AUS1998
Totally HotMCAMCAD-1642US1990
Totally Hot*  (+ OBI Strip)Universal MusicUICY-94715J2010
Two Of A Kind – OST (+ Sticker)MCAMCAD-11738US1998
Two Of A Kind  – OST [digitally remastered]FestivalD 53110AUS1998
Warm And TenderGeffen924257-2US1989
Warm And TenderGeffen Goldline2-24257US1989
Warm And Tender [digitally remastered]FestivalD 19828AUS1998
Warm And TenderMercury842 145-2G1989
Xanadu – OST  (+ OBI Strip)Jet RecordsCSCS 6034J1990
Xanadu – OSTSony / Epic486620-2UK1998
Xanadu – OSTMCAMCAD-11857US1998