Magazines, Newspapers & Papergoods 1968-2021

Australian Women’s Weekly, FebruaryAUS1993
Australian Women’s Weekly, MarchAUS1987
Australian Women’s Weekly, AprilAUS1993
Australian Women’s Weekly, MayAUS2018
Australian Women’s Weekly, MayAUS1990
Australian Women’s Weekly, MayAUS1989
Australian Women’s Weekly, MayAUS1991
Australian Women’s Weekly, JulyAUS1986
Australian Women’s Weekly, AugustAUS1983
Australian Women’s Weekly, OctoberAUS2021
Australian Women’s Weekly, OctoberAUS1989
Australian Women’s Weekly, OctoberAUS1990
Australian Women’s Weekly, DecemberAUS1985
Australian Women’s Weekly, DecemberAUS2019
Good Health, FebruaryAUS2019
Good Health, OctoberAUS2016
Healing Herbs, September 29AUS1998
Herald Sun, July 16AUS1992
In Style, JuneAUS2018
Marie Claire, NovemberAUS2019
Melbourne Herald Sun, January 26AUS2020
New Idea, January 2AUS2017
New Idea, January 8AUS2018
New Idea, January 15AUS2018
New Idea, February 7AUS1987
New Idea, February 12AUS1994
New Idea, February 24AUS1990
New Idea, February 8AUS1986
New Idea, March 2AUS2020
New Idea, March 18AUS2019
New Idea, March 21AUS1991
New Idea, March 27AUS2017
New Idea, AprilAUS2016
New Idea, April 3AUS1999
New Idea, April 6AUS1991
New Idea, April 20AUS1991
New Idea, April 22AUS2019
New Idea, May 8AUS1993
New Idea, May 22AUS2017
New Idea, June 11AUS2018
New Idea, June 12AUS2017
New Idea, June 19AUS2017
New Idea, June 26AUS2017
New Idea, July 6AUS1985
New Idea, July 11AUS1992
New Idea, July 28AUS1990
New Idea, July 30AUS1988
New Idea, August 5AUS1989
New Idea, September 2AUS1989
New Idea, September 3AUS2018
New Idea, September 6AUS1986
New Idea, September 7AUS1991
New Idea, September 12AUS2016
New Idea, September 17AUS2016
New Idea, September 18AUS2017
New Idea, September 24AUS2005
New Idea, September 25AUS2017
New Idea, October (betrayed again)AUS2016
New Idea, October (Star Shots)AUS2014
New Idea, October 6 (color copy)AUS1990
New Idea, October 14AUS1989
New Idea, October 16AUS2017
New Idea, November 5AUS2018
New Idea, November 7AUS1981
New Idea, November 13AUS2017
New Idea, December 14AUS1985
New Idea, December 2AUS2018
New Idea, December 18AUS1999
New Idea, December 25AUS2017
New Idea, Legends Edition, AprilAUS2018
New Weekly, JuneAUS2017
OK, January 1AUS2018
Reader’s Digest, AugustAUS2021
Stellar, September 4AUS2016
Stellar, November 26AUS2018
Sunday Telegraph, May 12AUS2019
The Advertiser, January 26AUS2020
TV Star, August 16AUS1985
TV Week, January 29AUS1994
TV Week, February 7AUS1998
TV Week, March 20AUS1993
TV Week, June 28AUS1986
TV Week, July 3AUS1993
TV Week, July 31AUS1982
TV Week, September 21AUS1985
TV Week, October 5AUS1991
TV Week, October 29AUS1983
TV Week, November 16AUS1985
TV Week, November 23AUS1985
TV Week, December 8AUS1990
TV Week, December 31AUS1983
Vogue, DecemberAUS1983
Western Mail MagazineAUS1984
WHO, February 26AUS2018
WHO, June 27AUS1994
WHO, JuneAUS2007
Woman’s Day, January (Olivia’s in Love again)AUS2006
Woman’s Day, January 4AUS2009
Woman’s Day, January 14AUS2019
Woman’s Day, January 24AUS1983
Woman’s Day, January 30AUS2006
Woman’s Day, February 18AUS2019
Woman’s Day, February 28AUS1994
Woman’s Day, February 29AUS1988
Woman’s Day, March 2AUS2020
Woman’s Day, March 9AUS1998
Woman’s Day, March 10AUS1992
Woman’s Day, March 25AUS2019
Woman’s Day, April 10AUS1995
Woman’s Day, April 25AUS1977
Woman’s Day, May 6AUS2019
Woman’s Day, May 28AUS2018
Woman’s Day, May 29AUS1990
Woman’s Day, MayAUS1987
Woman’s Day, June 16AUS1986
Woman’s Day, June 19AUS2006
Woman’s Day, JuneAUS2011
Woman’s Day, July 31AUS2017
Woman’s Day, August 29AUS1983
Woman’s Day (misc), SeptemberAUS1989
Woman’s Day, September 3AUS2018
Woman’s Day September 17 (part)AUS1987
Woman’s Day, September 11AUS2017
Woman’s Day, September 14AUS1987
Woman’s Day, September 17AUS2012
Woman’s Day, September 24AUS1980
Woman’s Day, September 24AUS1991
Woman’s Day, October 1AUS2018
Woman’s Day, October 9AUS1990
Woman’s Day, October 10AUS1989
Woman’s Day, October 15AUS2018
Woman’s Day, October 19AUS1998
Woman’s Day, November 23AUS1987
Woman’s Day, December 6AUS1993
Woman’s Day, December 6AUS/NZ1989
Woman’s Day, December 26AUS2005
Woman’s World, November 24AUS1976
Caras No.1780, FebruaryARG2016
Caras, MarchARG2016
Caras, August 28ARG2018
Caras (Chloe)ARG2007
Joepie, miscBEL1986
Joepie No.304, January 13BEL1980
Joepie No.362, February 22BEL1981
Joepie No.380, April 20BEL1980
Joepie No.421, April 11BEL1982
Joepie No.324, June 1BEL1980
Joepie No.339, September 14BEL1980
Joepie No.390, September 6BEL1981
Joepie No.343, October 12BEL1980
Joepie No.395, October 11BEL1981
Joepie No.245, November 26BEL1978
Joepie No.399, November 8 (+Poster)BEL1981
Joepie No.250, December 31BEL1978
Joepie No.403, December 8BEL1981
Joepie No.508, December 11 (+Poster)BEL1983
Kwik No.1346, February 1BEL1988
Kwik No.984, February 23BEL1981
Kwik No.1039, March 15BEL1982
Kwik No.1380, September 26BEL1988
Story Nr.23, June 8BEL1979
DVD News, OctoberBRA2006
Internacional No.11BRA1982
Isto É Gente, October 9BRA2006
Manchete, May 19BRA1990
Manchete, MayBRA1998
Manchete, August 15BRA1998
Set (misc)BRAX
Veja, February 6BRA2002
Celebrity, JulyCAN1975
Échos VedettesCAN2009
Hello! No.652, March 25CAN2019
Hello! No.139, June 29CAN2009
Photo Vedettes, May 23CAN1980
Real Life, FebruaryCAN1984
Remind, JanuaryCAN2020
Remind, AprilCAN2018
Irish Daily Mirror, July 23EIR2019
Irish Daily Star, July 23EIR2019
Irish Examiner, July 23EIR2019
Leinster Leader, July 23EIR2019
The Guardian, July 24EIR2019
The Herald, July 23EIR2019
The Irish Sun, July 23EIR2019
The Irish Times, July 23EIR2019
VIP Issue 265, AugustEIR2019
Diez Minutos No.1725, September 15 (1 page missing)ES1984
Fotogramas, No.1693, JanuaryES1984
Garbo, January 14 (just Picture)ES1985
Garbo, AugustES1984
Hola, January 19ES1995
Hola, January 29ES1996
Hola, FebruaryES1987
Hola, FebruaryES1986
Hola No.1902, February 7ES1981
Hola, March 21ES2019
Hola, April 2ES1983
Hola No.2225, April 9ES1987
Hola, April 20ES1989
Hola, MayES1986
Hola, May 18ES1995
Hola, JuneES1978
Hola, June 2ES1984
Hola No.2810, June 18ES1998
Hola No.1770, July 29ES1978
Hola, July 30 No.2503ES1992
Holy, JulyES1983
Hola, SeptemberES1979
Hola, SeptemberES1980
Hola, SeptemberES1981
Hola, OctoberES1981
Hola No.2145, October 5ES1985
Hola, October 16ES1997
Hola, October 18ES1980
Hola No.2043, October 22ES1983
Hola, December 12ES1981
Hola, DecemberES1978
Hola (misc)ES1986
Hola (misc)ES1981
Hola (misc)ES1993
La Revista, December 16ES1985
Lecturas No.1707, January 4ES1985
Lecturas, JanuaryES1985
Lecturas, March 15ES2017
Lecturas, April 23ES2009
Lecturas, MayES1986
Lecturas No.2040, May 10ES1991
Lecturas, June 14ES2017
Lecturas, November 23ES1973
Magazine, January 8ES2012
Pronto, FebruaryES2018
Pronto No.569, April 4ES1983
Pronto, August 22ES2009
Pronto, October 18ES2008
Pronto, October 21ES2009
Semana No.2344, January 19ES1985
Semana No.3038, May 6ES1998
Semana No.2278, October 15ES1983
Semana No.2390, December 4ES1985
Super Lily No.47, November 5ES1979
Super PopES1978
Super Pop No.30ES1979
Super Pop No.157, AprilES1984
Super Pop No.121, AugustES1982
Ciné Revue No.12, March 22F1984
Ciné Revue No.21, May 27 (+Poster)F1982
Ciné Revue No.37, September 11F1980
Ciné Revue No.37, September 13F1979
Ciné Revue No.50, December 10F1981
Ciné RevueF1983
Ciné Tele Revue No.02, January 14F1993
Ciné Tele Revue No.05, February 4F1993
Ciné Tele Revue No.12, March 25F1994
Ciné Tele Revue No.33, August 16F1990
Elle (misc)FX
France DimancheF2019
Ici Paris, July 15F2019
Ici Paris, August 28F2019
Ici Paris, AugustF2018
Ici Paris, SeptemberF2013
Ici Paris, OctoberF2014
Ici Paris, DecemberF2019
Le Soir Illustre No.1989, April 27F1989
Le Soir Illustre No.2862, April 30F1987
Nous Deux No.1846F1982
OK No.427, March 19F1984
OK No.195, October 15F1979
OK No.668, October 31F1988
Paris Match No.1616, May 16F1980
Paris Match No.1894, September 13F1985
Paris Match No.1535, October 27F1978
Paris Match No.1802, December 19F1983
Platine No.06, JulyF1993
Podium Hit, JanuaryF1982
Podium Hit, FebruaryF1983
Public Look, SeptemberF2010
Rétro, OctoberF2017
Salut!, JanuaryF1985
Salut!, No.240, December 20F1983
Télé Loisirs No.142, November 19F1988
Télé Poche No.667, November 22F1978
Télé Star No.118, January 2F1979
Télé Star No.1001 (December 9)F1995
Télé StarF2017
Suosikki, JanuaryFIN1979
24/7, Jahrgang 34, AprilG2017
24/7, Jahrgang 26, AugustG2019
7 Tage Nr.32, August 1G1984
7 Tage Nr.43, October 15G1980
Audio, DecemberG1985
Auf einen Blick Nr.29, July 11G1991
Befund Krebs/2G2013
Biggi Nr.109G1984
Biggi Nr.47G1984
Bild+Funk Nr.32, August 2G1984
Bild+Funk Nr.41, October 11G1980
Bild Zeitung, March 17G2019
Bild Zeitung, May 1G2018
Bild Zeitung, May 27G2019
Bild Zeitung, August 17G2018
Bild Zeitung, AugustG2019
Bild Zeitung, November 4G2019
Bild am Sonntag, November 6G2016
Bild am Sonntag Nr.50, December 15G2019
Bravo Nr.01, December 27G1978
Bravo Nr.02, January 4 (+Autogrammkarte)G1979
Bravo Nr.02, January 7G1982
Bravo Nr.02, June 2 (+Poster)G1975
Bravo Nr.03, January 11G1979
Bravo Nr.04, January 15 (+Poster)G1981
Bravo Nr.05, January 25 (+Poster)G1979
Bravo Nr.06, February 4G1982
Bravo Nr.07, February 11G1982
Bravo Nr.07, February 5G1981
Bravo Nr.07, February 8G1979
Bravo Nr.08, February 17G1983
Bravo Nr.09, February 22 (+Poster)G1979
Bravo Nr.12, March 15G1979
Bravo Nr.13, March 25 (only Poster)G1982
Bravo Nr.14, March 29G1972
Bravo Nr.17, April 18G1974
Bravo Nr.19, April 30G1981
Bravo Nr.19, May 3G1979
Bravo Nr.20, May 7G1981
Bravo Nr.24, June 7G1972
Bravo Nr.24, June 7G1990
Bravo Nr.26, June 22G1978
Bravo Nr.27, June 26G1980
Bravo Nr.28, July 6G1978
Bravo Nr.31, July 24G1980
Bravo Nr.31, July 27G1978
Bravo Nr.33, August 12G1982
Bravo Nr.34, August 17G1978
Bravo Nr.35, August 21G1980
Bravo Nr.36, August 28G1980
Bravo Nr.36, September 1G1988
Bravo Nr.37, September 7 (no Poster)G1978
Bravo Nr.38, September 14G1978
Bravo Nr.38, September 15G1988
Bravo Nr.39, August 18(+Poster)G1980
Bravo Nr.39, September 22G1988
Bravo Nr.40, September 28G1978
Bravo Nr.40, September 29G1988
Bravo Nr.42, October 12 (+Poster)G1978
Bravo Nr.42, October 11G1984
Bravo Nr.42, October 13G1988
Bravo Nr.42, October 9 (+Mini Bravo)G1980
Bravo Nr.43, October 15 (+Poster)G1981
Bravo Nr.45, November 2G1978
Bravo Nr.45, October 29G1981
Bravo Nr.45, October 30G1980
Bravo Nr.45, October 31G1975
Bravo Nr.46, November 6G1980
Bravo Nr.46, November 9G1978
Bravo Nr.47, November 12G1981
Bravo Nr.47, November 13G1980
Bravo Nr.47, November 15 (+Poster)G1979
Bravo Nr.47, November 16 (+Poster)G1978
Bravo Nr.48, November 20G1980
Bravo Nr.48, November 23G1978
Bravo Nr.48, November 25G1982
Bravo Nr.49, November 27 (+Poster)G1980
Bravo Nr.49, November 30G1978
Bravo Nr.50, NovemberG1984
Bravo Nr.50, December 5G1985
Bravo Nr.50, December 6G1979
Bravo Nr.50, December 7G1978
Bravo Nr.51, December 14 (+Poster)G1978
Bravo Nr.52, December 20G1978
Bravo Girl!, JuneG1998
Bravo Girl!G1988
Bunte Nr.17, April 17G1980
Bunte Nr.19, May 2G2019
Bunte Nr.24, June 8G2017
Bunte Nr.25G2006
Bunte Nr.30G2008
Bunte Nr.39, September 22G1988
Bunte Nr.44, October 26G1978
Cinema BildG1984
Cinema Nr.05 (Heft 216), MayG1996
Cinema Nr.07 (Heft 242), JulyG1998
Cinema Nr.11 (Heft 78), NovemberG1984
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.08, February 19G1979
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.08, February 17G1975
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.09, FebruaryG1979
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.23, June 1G1979
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.25, JuneG1978
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.26, June 21G1976
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.28, July 10G1978
Das Freizeit Magazin Nr.35, August 28 (+Poster)G1978
Das Freizeit Magazin Poster (Live)G1979
Das Freizeit MagazinG1975
Das Freizeit MagazinG1977
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.1, March 27G2010
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.21, May 20G2019
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.24, June 3G2017
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.29, July 11G2020
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.30, July 22G2019
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.32, August 5G2019
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.36, August 31G1994
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.38, September 18G2017
Das Goldene Blatt Nr.44, October 24G2020
Das Neue Nr.24, June 10G2017
Das Neue Nr.31, July 27G2019
Das Neue Blatt Nr.07, February 9G2005
Das Neue Blatt Nr. 14, March 30G2010
Das Neue Blatt Nr.24, June 5G2019
Das Neue Blatt Nr.24, June 7G2017
Das Neue Blatt Nr.45, October 28G1992
Das Neue Blatt Nr.46, November 4G2009
Das Neue Blatt, November 13G2019
Das Neue Blatt Nr.52, December 21G2019
Die AktuelleG2010
Die Aktuelle Nr.07, February 11G2012
Die Aktuelle Nr.24, June 12G1989
Die Aktuelle Nr.35, August 25G2018
Die Aktuelle Nr.45, November 7G1983
Die Neue FrauG2017
Die 2, July 23G1992
Die 2, August 10G2019
Echo der Frau, AugustG1996
Echo der Frau Nr.08, February 11G1998
Echo der Frau Nr.13, March 22G1995
Echo der Frau Nr.14, March 31G2010
Express, January 4G2019
Express, June 1G2017
Express, November 1G2019
Express, November 4G2019
Express, December 16G2016
Express, December 30G2019
„Film Foto Story“ (misc)G1998
Fachblatt Musikmagazin, OctoberG1985
FF-Dabei, December 18G/DDR1988
Frau AktuellG2017
Frau Aktuell Nr.18, April 26G1979
Frau Aktuell Nr.32, August 5G2019
Frau Aktuell Nr.52, December 21G2019
Frau im Spiegel Nr.04, January 18 G1979
Frau im Spiegel Nr.05, January 25G1995
Frau im Spiegel Nr.08, February 8G1993
Frau im Spiegel Nr.24, JuneG2017
Frau im Spiegel Nr.24, June 5G2019
Frau im Spiegel Nr.29, July 10G2013
Frau im Spiegel Nr.43, October 15G1981
Frau im Spiegel Nr.44, October 21G2009
Frau im Spiegel Nr.45, OctoberG2008
Frau mit Herz, May+June (Meine Stars von damals +Poster)G2019
Frau mit HerzG2010
Frau mit Herz IG2018
Frau mit Herz IIG2018
Frau mit Herz Nr.52, December 21G2019
Frau von Heute Nr.20, May 10G2019
Frau von HeuteG2005
Freizeit Aktuell Nr.06, JuneG2019
Freizeit Aktuell Nr.10, OctoberG2017
Freizeit Woche Nr.24, June 7G2017
Freizeit Woche Nr.39, September 19G2018
Freizeit WocheG2019
Freizeit Revue Nr.07, February 10G2021
Freizeit Revue Nr.17, April 17G1986
Freizeit Revue Nr.17, April 20G1989
Freizeit Revue Nr.20, May 8G2019
Freizeit Revue Nr.23, May 28G1986
Freizeit Revue Nr.24, JuneG2017
Freizeit Revue N.31, July 28G1988
Freizeit Revue Nr.43, October 16G1980
Freizeit Spass Nr.20, May 8G2019
Freizeit Spass, November 11G2019
Gala Nr.10, March 2G1995
Gala, MayG1995
Gala Nr.33, August 10G1995
Good Times /01G2002
Good Times /01G2007
Good Times /02G2008
Good Times /03G2019
Good Times /04G1995
Good Times /04G2017
Good Times /04G2002
Good Times /05G2011
Good Times /05G2008
Good Times /06G2008
Good Times /06G2018
Good Times Kult, Ausgabe 1, JanuaryG2019
Heim und Welt Nr.6, January 31G2009
Heim und Welt Nr.24, June 7G2006
Heim und Welt (Grease Tragödien)G2010
Hörzu Nr.38, September 15G2017
Kino Hit, JulyG1990
Krebs Journal, 02/04 MayG2004
Mamma Mia!, JanuaryG2011
Mädchen Nr.17, April 19G1979
Mädchen Nr.31, July 27G1978
Mädchen Nr.43, October 17G1984
Mädchen Nr.46, November 4G1981
Meine Freizeit Nr.09, NovemberG2018
Meins (Starlook)G2017
Meins No.8, April 1G2020
Meins No.14, June 28G2017
Meins No.16, July 24G2019
Melanie, Jahrgang 1 Nr.30G1974
Melodie & Rhythmus /01G1989
Musik Express/Sounds Nr.1, JanuaryG1986
Musik Express/Sounds Nr.11, NovemberG1985
Musik Express /SoundsG1992
Musik Joker Nr.02, January 22G1979
Musik Joker Nr.06, March 19G1979
Musik Joker Nr.09, April 17G1978
Musik Joker Nr.13, June 13G1977
Musik Joker Nr.13, June 12G1978
Musik Joker Nr.15, July 23G1979
Musik Joker Nr.16, July 24G1978
Musik Joker, October 17G1977
Musik Joker Nr.22, October 16G1978
Musik Joker Nr.26, December 11G1978
Musik Joker Special PosterG1979
Musik Szene Nr.11, NovemberG1985
Münsterländische Volkszeitung, October 1G2018
Neue Post Nr.21, May 15G2019
Neue Post Nr.34, August 15G2012
Neue Post Nr.09, February 19G2020
Neue PostG2007
Neue Revue, January (Fit und Frivol)G1984
Neue Revue Nr.15, April 15G1991
Neue Revue, September 10G1982
Neue Welt Nr.03, January 8G1997
Neue Welt Nr.19, April 29G1986
Neue Welt Nr.20, May 8G2019
Neue Welt Nr.21, May 15G2019
Neue Welt Nr.24, June 7G2017
Neue Welt, JulyG2018
Neue Welt, August 1G1996
Neue Welt, OctoberG2009
Neue Welt Nr.51, DecemberG2014
Neue WeltG1982
Neue WocheG2005
Physik Journal Jahrgang Nr.7, JanuaryG2008
Pop Melody Maker Nr.01, January 11 (no Poster)G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.02, January 25 (+Star Card)G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.02, January (+ Poster)G1980
Pop Melody Maker Nr.03, February 8G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.4+5, February (+Poster)G1980
Pop Melody Maker Nr.4+5, February 22 (+Flexi-Disc)G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.06, March 22 (+Poster)G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.05, May 5 (+Poster)G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.17+18G1979
Pop Melody Maker Nr.21+22, November 2 (+Poster)G1978
Pop Melody Maker Nr.23, NovemberG1979
Pop Melody Maker Poster (John & Olivia 1980)G1980
Pop Rocky (Cliff Richard)G1980
Pop Rocky (Two Of A Kind, 1 page), October G1984
Pop Rocky (TV Program, 1 page), DecemberG1981
Pop Rocky, January (Suddenly)G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.2, January (Poster)G1984
Pop Rocky Nr.01. January 7G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.03, February 4G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.09, April 29G1981
Pop Rocky, JuneG1992
Pop Rocky Nr.12, November 2G1983
Pop Rocky Nr.13, August 13G1980
Pop Rocky Nr.14, August 27G1980
Pop Rocky Nr.15, July 22G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.15, September 10G1980
Pop Rocky Nr.15G1986
Pop Rocky Nr.16, September 24 (some missing pages)G1980
Pop Rocky Nr.19 (Michael Jackson Snippet)G1983
Pop Rocky Nr.21, October 14G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.18, October 22G1980
Pop Rocky (misc), NovemberG1981
Pop Rocky (Hammerwahl), December G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.21, December 3 (+Poster)G1980
Pop Rocky Nr.24G1982
Pop Rocky (Grease 2)G1982
Pop Rocky (Toomorrow)G1982
Pop Rocky (Hammerwahl), December G1982
Pop Rocky Nr.25, December 12G1981
Pop Rocky Nr.25G1985
Pop Rocky Nr.26, December 23G1981
Popcorn Nr.01, JanuaryG1982
Popcorn Nr.02, FebruaryG1979
Popcorn Nr.09, SeptemberG1982
Popcorn Nr.10, OctoberG1983
Popcorn Nr.10, OctoberG1978
Popcorn Nr.10, October (only Poster)G1980
Popcorn Nr.11, NovemberG1981
Popcorn Nr.11, November (John bringt Olivia in Form)G1983
Popcorn Nr.12, DecemberG1982
Praline No.06, February 1G1979
Praline Nr.10, February 26G1981
Praline Nr.11, March 11G1982
Praline Nr.37, September 6G1979
Praline Nr.47, November 13G1980
Praline Nr.01, December 27G1979
Praline Nr.01, December 20G1981
Praline No.51, December 14G1978
Rocky Nr.03, January 11G1979
Rocky Nr.04, January 21G1980
Rocky Nr.07, February 8G1979
Rocky Nr.30, July 20G1978
Rocky Nr.31, July 27G1978
Rocky Nr.52, December 22G1977
Rocky miscG1979
Schöner Leben/2G2012
Schöner Leben/35G2011
Schöne WeltG2018
Schöne Woche Nr.24, June 7G2017
Schöne Woche, JuneG2019
Siehste Nr.19, May 12G1979
Spotlight, NovemberG1997
Stars & Melodien, October/November Nr.06G2019
Tina Nr.21, May 15G2019
Tina, August 29G2018
TIP, August 23G1999
TV Hören & Sehen, February 8G1975
Vida Nr.12, March 10G2004
Video Programm Nr.1G1985
Woche der FrauG2017
Woche der Frau Nr.06, February 3G2010
Woche der Frau Nr.16G2007
Woche der Frau Nr.24, June 5G2019
Woche Exklusiv Nr.3, June/JulyG2019
Woche Heute Nr.24, June 5G2019
Woche Heute Nr.25G2019
Cinema (2 pieces)G/AT1998
Die ganze Woche Nr.38, September 19G/AT2018
Kronenzeitung, July 1G/AT2007
Music ManG/AT1985
Rennbahn Express Nr.4, April (color copy)G/AT1981
SKIP, JuneG/AT1998
UCI, June 27G/AT1998
Glückspost Nr.08, February 3G/CH2012
Glückspost Nr.12, March 21G/CH2019
Schweizer Illustrierte Nr.52, December 21G/CH1981
Schweizer Jugend Nr.02, May 17 (+Poster)G/CH1979
Albo Blitz No.19, May 5IT1984
Best Movie, MarchIT2012
Best Movie, JuneIT2008
Bliz No.09, January 3IT1981
Bolero No.1842. August 15IT1982
Boy Music Corrier No.43, October 22IT1980
Boy Music Corrier No.43, October 29IT1982
Boy Music Corrier No.51, December 23IT1983
Chi, March 17IT1995
Ciao 2001 No.04, January 31IT1986
Ciao 2001 No.04, January 24IT1982
Ciao 2001 No.38, September 21IT1980
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Ciao 2001 No.44, November 1IT1981
Ciao 2001 No.50, December 14IT1980
Ciao 2001 No.52, December 31IT1983
Corriere Della Serra, June 7IT2019
Corriere Della Serra, October 20IT2005
Corriere Della Serra (misc)ITX
Dipiu Nr.04, January 29IT2021
Diva E Donna No.44, November 6IT2007
Dolly No.275, January 23IT1984
Dolly No.171, January 24 (+2 Posters)IT1982
Dolly No.267, April 16IT1984
Dolly No.84, May 20IT1980
Dolly Nr.138, June 7IT1981
Dolly No.45, August 25IT1979
Dolly No.151, September 6IT1981
Dolly No.418, October 20IT1986
Dolly No.11, December 31IT1978
Dolly No.113, December 14IT1980
Elle (misc)ITX
Epoca Nr.50IT1978
Eva Express No.05, February 4IT1993
Eva ExpressIT1992
Family Estate (misc)ITX
Family Estate No.7, July 15IT2019
Gente No.10, March 11IT1997
Gente No.45, November 8IT2007
Grand Hotel, February 5IT1982
Grand Hotel, NovemberIT1981
Grease Barbie (misc)ITX
IN No.01, JanuaryIT2019
IN, NovemberIT2018
Il Mondiale Nr.05IT1989
Il Monello No.05, February 2IT1984
Il Monello No.05, February 9IT1979
Il Monello No.49, December 12IT1982
Il Rock GrandeIT1989
Intrepido No.11, NovemberIT1979
John Travolta in TV (misc)IT1988
Musa Benefica in „Xanadu“, DecemberIT1980
Movie LifeIT2008
Novella 2000, December 16IT1980
Nuovo TV, DecemberIT2019
Radiocorriere TV No.51, December 20IT1981
Ragazza No.17, April 24IT1984
Ragazza No.42, October 8IT1980
Rock E Cinepresa (misc)IT1985
Sorrisi E Canzoni No.7, February 11IT2012
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Superflash No.189 (+Poster)IT1984
Telepiù No.10, July 7IT1993
Tutto Musica E Spettacolo, NovemberIT1980
TV Magazine, October 23ITX
Vero (John Travolta)IT2019
DVD JournalJ2008
Screen (Two of a Kind Article)J1984
Se Og Hor No.04, January 23NOR1986
Se Og Hor No.06, February 9NOR1989
Se Og Hor, March 28NOR2007
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Ik Blijf Vechten Tegen Dat Monster (misc)NL/BEL2019
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Muziek Expres, MayNL1983
Muziek Expres, DecemberNL1978
Muziek Parade No.275+258, Jan-FebNL1979
Muziek Parade No.291, NovemberNL1981
Pauze, JulyNL1998
Pop Biz No.6NL1979
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Popfoto Nr.03, MarchNL1985
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Popfoto Nr.12, December NL1981
Popfoto Nr.12, December (+John Travolta Special)NL1978
Preview Nr.04, JulyNL1998
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Veronica No.53, December 30NL1978
Vriendin No.24, June 10NL1998
Weekend Nr.20, July 22NL1998
TV ZapowiedziPOL1978
Correio de Domingo, December 4POR1983
New Straits Times, March 12SING2012
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Det Nye, August 19SWE1975
Hänt Extra Nr.11, March 15SWE1993
Hänt Extra Nr.46, November 11SWE1993
Precis Som Pa Film (misc)SWEX
Blue Jeans, SeptemberTUR1988
3Sixty, NovemberUK2004
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