Radio Shows (Audio & Video) 1970-2021

Jayde Donovan on Apple Music EP.305, December 32021US
The Friday Revue with Brian Nankervis, November 192021AUS
Radio 5 RNE, November 52021ES
4BC with Neil Breen, September 242021AUS
Joe Scarborough Interview (Barry Gibb), September 162021US
The Christian O’Connell Show, September 22021AUS
WDR 4, July 312021G
CRAGG Live (Dennis Tufano), July 32021US
Bizzne$$Buzz (Paul Anka), June 302021US
Let The Music Play Podcast, May 52021F
Blood Like Honey, March 312021AUS
Fearlessly Failing With Lola Berry (Gregg Cave), February 282021AUS
Sunday Celebrations With Grant Johnstone, February 212021AUS
B 98.5 With Kevin Idol, February 192021US
Real Country 101.7 With Megan Marie, February 192021US
The Randy Report, February 142021US
K Rock 95.5 Tom & Loggy, February 142021AUS
4BC1116 News Talk With Scott Emerson, February 122021AUS
Gawndy & Maz For Breakfast, February 122021AUS
Galey, Emily Jade & Christo on 102.9 FM Hot Tomato, February 122021AUS
Breakfast With Sammy J, February 112021AUS
WGVU’s Morning Show (Jim Brickman), February 112021US
3AW Nights With Denis Walter, February 102021AUS
Bianca, Dan & Ben Hit 90.9 Gold Coast, February 102021AUS
FIVEaa Breakfast With David & Will, February 92021AUS
Fitzy & Wippa, February 92021AUS
WSFM 101.7 JAM Nation, February 92021AUS
2DayFM The Morning Crew, February 92021AUS
myTalk 107.1, February 92021US
Lights, Camera, Author! with Jim Junot, February 42021US
A Life Of Greatness With Sarah Grynberg, February 22021AUS
BBC Radio2 Sound of the 70s (Roger Daltrey), January 312021UK
BBC Radio2 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, January 292021UK
KFJB Interview with Kyle Martin, January 222021US
That Scene with Dan Patrick, January 192021US
Phoenix98fm (Steve Kipner), January 152021US
Newstalkzb with Tim Roxbrough, January 8 (Barry Gibb)2021AUS
Steve Wright BBC Radio2, January 8 (Barry Gibb)2021UK
Southern Accents with Dave Cobb, January 72021US
RTL, December 22 (Video)2020F
Desert Island Discs, December 20 (Cliff Richard)2020UK
3BA Ballarant Today with Peter Ford, December 112020AUS
Afternoons with Deborah Knight Radio 2GB, December 10 (Delta Goodrem)2020AUS
Discoforum, November 212020ES
Steve Wright BBC Radio2, November 162020UK
Sirius XM Radio with Jenny McCarthy, November 32020US
Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, October 222020US
W Radio, October 162020COL
Larry Flick Sirius XM, October 152020US
Permanent Record Podcast With Brian & Sarah, August 192020US
ABC Radio On Your Afternoon with Helen Shield, July 12020AUS
T.M.I. Confessionals EP 125, July 82020US
Sirius XM Andy Cohen’s Pride Radio, June 272020US
Sirius XM Radio Andy, June 242020US
BLEAV In Me Podcast, June 122020US
2GB 837AM, May 15 (Mitch Tambo)2020AUS
The T.G. Sheppard Show (Sirius XM), May 152020US
K-Lite 101.7FM, April 232020US
WSFM, April 12020AUS
The Kyle & Jackie Show (Chloe Lattanzi), February 202020AUS
The Kyle & Jackie Show, January 182020AUS
Bremen1: Die Chronik, January 52020G
Europe 1, December 302019F
Radio 10 Gemist, December 162019NL
Magic 94.9, December 102019US
Meet’n Grease Interview with Gayle, December 32019US
ABC News, November 72019AUS
The Mike Calta Show, November 122019US
Power Women Of Excellence, October2019US
SR Blu Ray Tipp, October 102019G
Smooth FM, October 52019AUS
The Hot Breakfast Show, October 42019AUS
Smooth FM, September 282019AUS
Adem’s Radio #152, September 252019US
Smooth FM, September 212019AUS
KLPX 96.1, September 182019US
3AW with Peter Ford, September 172019AUS/US
Smooth FM, September 142019AUS
Growing Bolder, August2019US
Who’s Calling Christian, August 252019AUS
Songs Auf Fränkisch, August 222019G
100.7 WHUD Mike & Kacey, August 202019US
Who’s Calling Christian, August 152019AUS
Inside Of You With M. Rosenbaum (Richard Marx), August 132019US
MDR Oldiegeschichten, August 122019G
iHeart Radio, August 72019US
WGN Radio, August 62019US
JVC Broadcasting, August 52019US
CBC Radio, August 12019US
RTÉ Radio Flashback, July 262019EIRE
The Ray D’Arcy Show RTÉ Radio1, July 232019EIRE
HR1, July 222019G
BlogTalkRadio, July 162019US
Breakfast with Steve & Basil (Peter Ford), June 132019AUS/US
KSCO From The Bookshelf, May 72019US
MMJ Radio, May 42019US
CY Interview, May 12019US
The Randy Report, April 262019US
Call Me Adam, April 192019US
Second with Rudy Sheptock, April 112019US
Morning Bull, April 92019US
The Yola Nash Show, April 62019US
The Maverick with Karen Wright, April 32019US
WGN Radio, March 312019US
Chris Chaos, March 282019US
Kallaway On The Rise, March 272019US
The Hill-Man Morning Show, March 262019US
Shotgun & Charli Show, March 252019US
Rocket 105 Mojo and Sean Lafferty, March 232019US
The Scott Sands Show, March 222019US
Sneaking Beer Into Work Podcast, March 222019US
98.3 Max with Mike & Eric, March 212019US
Greg & The Morning Buzz, March 212019US
77 WABC Bernie & Sid In The Morning, March 212019US
KTRS 550am, March 202019US
The Mike & Carla Morning Show, March 192019US
FM 106,5 with Kim Carson, March 192019US
Exceptional Women, March 182019US
Courtney & Company, March 182019US
Bailey and Southside, March 182019US
WOGL 98.1 Frank & Marilyn In The Morning2019US
Rob Rush, March 142019US
Preston & Steve’s Fun Size Podcast, March 132019US
3AW with Peter Ford, March 112019AUS/US
A Lifetime Of Hallmark, February 272019US
The Vinnie Penn Project (Delta Goodrem), February 162019US
ABC News, January 262019AUS
Podcast 17 (Dane Bryant), January 222019US
Hits Radio, January 42019AUS
Via Lliure RAC1 (Ignasi Blanch), December 162018ES
Newstalk ZB, December 152018AUS
Mike Read (Cliff Richard), December 42018UK
Matinee Radio (Cliff Richard), December 32018UK
Nikki Bedi (Cliff Richard), November 222018UK
WDR4 Ein-Deutscher, October 142018G
Coctail 11, October 82018MEX
WDR4 Glückwunsch, September 262018G
RBB Popgeschichten, September 262018G
Bremen1: Die Chronik, September 262018G
Coverville #13252018US
No Filter, September 232018AUS
Famous Lost Words #203, September 212018US
The Hot Breakfast Show, September 32018AUS
Radio SAW, August 302018G
4KQ Breakfast (Fleur Thiemeyer), August 282018AUS
RBB Brandenburg, August 192018G
Jeff Code’s Country Classics, July 132018US
MDR Oldiegeschichten, July 92018G
NDR1, June 132018G
RBB Popgeschichten, June 112018G
Mark & Sarah Talk About Songs, May 242018US
Smooth FM, May 202018AUS
Smooth FM, May 132018AUS
3AW Afternoon with Dennis Walter (Delta Goodrem), May 92018AUS
Smooth FM, May 62018AUS
CLNS Podcast #460, May 62018US
Juliana Hatfield Interview, April 222018US
Jonesy and Amanda (Delta Goodrem), March 262018AUS
Spree Radio, February 82018G
MDR Oldiegeschichten, January 152018G
Healing Quest Radio, November 212017US
Mike Foley, November 172017US
Worst Town in America with Amanda Hancock, November 82017US
Fiveaa, September 122017AUS
6PR 882 News Talk, September 122017AUS
The Chris Smith Show, September 112017AUS
Healing Quest Radio, September 62017US
MDR Oldiegeschichten, August 152017G
RBB Popgeschichten, June 72017G
The Randy Report, June 32017US
BBC Radio2 In Her Own Words, May 222017UK
BBC Radio2 In Her Own Words, May 152017UK
KCBR the Art Of Song, April 102017US
Fan Theory Podcast, April 102017US
Kelly Lang, March 312017US
Road Triple (Rob & Erin Davis Message), February2017CAN
Live On Dennis’ House, February2017US
Healing Quest Radio, February 122017US
The Transforming Power of Music Webinar, January 302017US
BBC Radio4 Woman’s Hour, January 272017UK
Open To Hope Radio (Amy Sky), January 262017US
RBB Popgeschichten, January 252017G
BBC Radio2 Glasgow, January 242017UK
BBC1 Local Radio, January 212017UK
BBC Radio5 Live, January 25 (Video)2017UK
Spirit Radio Podcast, January 192017UK
Bud & Broadway Podcast, January 42017US
Hit Story Podcast2017US
FOX FM, December 142016AUS
KIIS1065, December 19 (Video)2016AUS
The Hot Breakfast Show, December2016AUS
Fiveaa, December 162016AUS
4BC Alan Jones Breakfast Show, December 152016AUS
MGB, December 132016US
Fakeshow Podcast, December 132016US
Momcast, December 122016US
3AW Nights With Denis Walter, December 122016AUS
Maine Coast 93,1, December 82016US
KSON FM, December 82016US
Bax & O’Brien Podcast, December 82016US
Bailey and Southside, December 82016US
Far East Interview, December 72016US
The Randy Report (Chloe Lattanzi), November 282016US
MDR Oldiegeschichten, November 212016G
The Jim Brickman Show, November 11 (Video)2016US
All Things Rudy On The Radio, October2016US
Dr. Pat, October 282016US
Sirius XM Radio with Jenny McCarthy, October 32016US
Sirius XM Radio Andy, October 32016US
Jack Cool, August 172016US
Dori Monson, August 162016US
Moers’ Environmental Dialogues, April 162016US
Mauricio Jürgensen, March 112016CHILE
El Universo Telephone Call, February2016ECU
Billboard Popshop, January 192016US
The Randy Report (Chloe Lattanzi), November2015US
3AW Afternoon, September2015AUS
One Tree Per Child Radio Spots, June2015AUS
RN Breakfast, June 52015AUS
Two Strong Hearts Review, April2015AUS
Russel Woolf, February2015AUS
The Mulberry Lane Show, January 282015US
Xanadu Podcast Episode #50, January 222015US
Kost 103,5 with Mark Walgren2015US
Smooth FM Spot, September2014AUS
Mix 101.1 Podcast, September2014G
RBB Popgeschichten, July 12014G
The Del & Emerson Show, June 18 (Video)2014US
KPNR, March2014US
Totally Hot Podcast2014US
Brett Goldsmith with Adam Devlin2014AUS
The Candi & Randy Show, December 242013US
Richard Stubbs, September2013AUS
Bournemouth Fans Review, March 112013UK
Steve Wright BBC Radio2, March 32013UK
Remixing The Holidays, December2012US
Retro 102.5, October 32012US
Ohrenstolz #148, July2012G
Toby Newton-John Interview, July 102012AUS
BBC Radio4, July 72012UK
Sean Blog, May2012US
BBC Radio4 Woman’s Hour, April 182012UK
UK 2GB, April2012UK
WCBS FM 101.1, April2012US
The Candi & Randy Show, May 142012US
3AW Melbourne with Denis Walter, February 152012AUS
On Nightlife With Philip Clark, February 102012AUS
The Candi & Randy Show, January 302012US
The Kyle & Jackie Show, January 172012AUS
The Shot, January 12012US
MIX 106.5 Interview, January (Video)2012AUS
TRI 102,5, January2012US
Süper DVD Spot2012G
Radio Camelot2012ES
Suzanne Rothberg, December2011US
The Candi & Randy Show, December 252011US
CBS FM Radio, December 62011US
Holiday Wishes, December2011US
Diversity Now Radio, November2011US
Dr. Pat, June 162011US
Richard Stubbs, May2011AUS
Dan Radio, May2011AUS
774 ABC Melbourne, May 272011AUS
The Green Reality Show, March2011US
ABCnet, March2011AUS
Counselor Podcast, October2010US
Glo Biz Report, September2010CAN
Ed Goodman, September2010US
Bob Rivers, September2010US
Larry Flick Sirius XM, June 82010US
Magic Morning Show, June2010US
The Kyle & Jackie Podcast, May2010AUS
W Radio, May2010COL
Alexandra Radio, March 192010BEL
Radio Regenbogen Spot, March2010G
774 ABC Melbourne, May2010AUS
LuxEcoLiving Interview2010US
Olivia on Lost 45s with Barry Scott2010US
Undeniable Truths (John Easterling)2010US
Jennifer Hadley, December 122009US
3AW 693, November 2 (Video)2009AUS
Ohrenstolz #096, October2009G
Steve Wright BBC Radio2, October2009UK
George Lamb BBC6, October2009UK
K101 Grady Butler, July2009US
Dr. Pat, June 32009US
Stuck In the 80’s, February2009US
Barbara Walters, October2008US
Radio2 Interview, April 192008AUS
Martha Stewart2007US
NY WCBS FM, December2007US
Derek & Romaine, December2007US
Myridian Spot, December2007US
KUDL Christmas Interview, December2007US
Dr. Pat, December 252007US
Red Robinson’s Legends Of Rock, October 192007CAN
Dr. Pat, April 272007US
Dr. Pat, April 172007US
Kualalumpur Spot, April 292007MAL
Singapore Gold, April 262007SING
KZST Radio Florida, December2006US
KHMX Radio Florida, December2006US
KABI Wake Up Call with John Anderson, December2006US
FilmTvMusic Podcast, November 142006US
Las Vegas Interview, November 32006US
Let Liv!, October2006US
Good Morning, October2006US
CHSR Healthy Life Net, October2006US
Derek & Romaine, October2006US
Grace & Gratitude Tour Spot, August 32006US
Max Born Feature (Nancy Greenspan)2006G
Capitol Gold, April2005UK
Steve Wright BBC Radio2, April2005UK
Album Chart2005UK
Breast Cancer Dot Org2004US
Mixed Morning Show, November 172004US
The Livkit: Olivia’s Story, October (CD)2003US
Richard Stubbs, April2002AUS
One on Two Promo (2) 3GG Radio2002AUS
Radio Trailer 1 on 22002AUS
Valentine Greetings (CD)2001US
Grand Ole Opry Minute, January1999US
L.A. Interview, July1999US
KIIS FM San Diego, July 131998US
Gouden Greep, June1998NL
Tamara Saviano Interview, May 131998US
Wayne Koss Interview, May1998US
Back With A Heart Interview, May (CD)1998US
Grease 20th ANN. Interview, March (CD)1998G
Radio Regenbogen Special, May 11997G
Ricky Dees, December1995US
Simon Mayo BBC Radio2, January1995UK
Gloria Hunniford BBC Radio2, January1995UK
Nicky Campbell BBC Radio5, May1992UK
Columbus Interview, April 171992US
L. A. Interview, April1992US
Warm & Tender Interview, January (Single)1990J
Warm & Tender: Message from Olivia (CD)1990J
Super DJ Online, April1990US
K-Big 104, January1990US
Westwood One Radio Special, December1989US
Diver’s Interview1988US
Olivia Talks About The Rumour, July (CD)1988UK/G
Twin Cities Live, November 151987US
Off The Record with Joe Smith, August 41987US
Kenny Hodges Interview (Andy Gibb), January 61986US
Countdown Interview with Molly Meldrum, December (CD)1985AUS
Startrak Profile (Westwood One), December 161985US
Casey Kasem Top 40, December 71985US
Solid Gold, November 301985G
Casey Kasem Top 40, November 161985US
Soul Kiss Promotie, October1985NL
Soul Kiss Radio Spot, October1985US
Casey Kasem Top 40, December 101983US
National Unicef Day, October 31 (CD-R)1983US
Westwood One Radio Special, October 101983US
Casey Kasem Top 40, May 281983US
ABC Radio Spotlight, April 171983US
Toshiba Sunday Music, January 311982J
Radio Spot for Physical Tour in Pittsburgh, September 151982US
Westwood One Radio Special, December1982US
Veronica’s Pop Journaal1982NL
US Interview (Making Videos)1982US
Dutch Radio Special, October1981NL
French Radio Interview, September1981F
R.W. Morgan Radio Special, June 131981US
Casey Kasem Top 40, March 211981US
US Radio Interview (misc)1981US
Private Message Interview + Outtakes (Single)1981J
R.W. Morgan Radio Special, November1980US
Countdown Pop Journaal1980NL
NCRV Radio Special1980NL
Mal Sondocks Oldie Hitparade, July1980G
Casey Kasem Top 40, August 21980US
Casey Kasem Top 40, August 301980US
National Unicef Day, August (Single)1980US
Casey Kasem Top 40, September 61980US
UK Radio Interview, September1980UK
Xanadu (8 Radio Spots)1980US
Casey Kasem Top 40, June 161979US
Christopher McVey on Roller Skating, July1979US
Deeper Than The Night Radio Spot1979US
What’s It All About1979US
What’s It All About1978US
Yokohama Tour Radio Spot, December 311978J
Mal Sondocks Jahresrückblick, December 271978G
Die Hammer Stars sagen „Danke Schön“, November 23 (Flexi Disc)1978G
Olivia Live on Tros, November1978NL
Terry Wogan BBC Radio2, September1978UK
Casey Kasem Top 40, August 191978US
Casey Kasem Top 40, August 51978US
Gordon Elliot Telephone Interview, May1978AUS
Totally Hot Radio Commercial1978US
Totally Hot Radio Spot1978US
Totally Hot MCA Radio Promo1978US
Grease / John Farrar1978NL
WHM1015, November 181977US
Thanksgiving Radio Special, November1977US
Country Christmas, October 131977US
Bob Battle Interview, October 121977US
ABC Radio, August1977AUS
Capitol Gold, May1977UK
BBC Radio, May1977UK
Casey Kasem Top 40, March 51977US
BBC Radio, November1975UK
Terry Wogan, April1975UK
Capitol Gold, April1975UK
Casey Kasem Top 40, April 191975US
What’s It All About1974US
Casey Kasem Top 40, October 121974US
The Ralph Emery Show, August1974US
Casey Kasem Top 40, June 221974US
UK Radio Program, March1974UK
BBC Radio, March1974UK
Casey Kasem Top 40, March 21974US
BBC Radio, May1973UK
UK Radio Interview, February1973UK
BBC Radio, February1972UK
Casey Kasem Top 40, September 41971US
Casey Kasem Top 40, July 171971US
BBC Radio, August1970UK